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RMD's impressive Bronco build on 649 wheels. Ralph Holguin has a long history of blending the lines of street rods, lowriders, luxury and Pro-Touring style builds and developing his own unique custom rides. Such was the case with one of his more recent builds - a 1962 Lincoln Continental that garnered more than 3 million views on social media. Urban Madness image at RMD Garage

But being a true automotive enthusiast, Ralph wanted to branch out and showcase his vision on other rides and decided to build something completely different from what he has done in the past. Thanks to the launch of his upcoming show, “RMD Garage,” premiering on Velocity Network come August 2nd, he felt it was the perfect time to try something new.

Ralph Holguin and Urban Madness

“I’ve always had an affinity for the Ford Bronco and I wanted to build one that really stood out,” Ralph describes. “Ideally, we wanted ‘Urban Madness’ [the Bronco’s nickname] to be elegant, yet rugged, and could be driven every day.” Taking inspiration from the concrete jungle of his L.A. hometown, Ralph and his team set out to build a rig that could ideally handle the apocalypse, in style, if it should ever happen.

1969 Ford Bronco images

Thus, “Urban Madness” was born and the crew went to work on building something unique that could be captured on film and showcase their customization versatility, while still encompassing everything needed to be the talk of the show at last year’s SEMA.

Monster Girl Jo Gomez sitting in the back of Urban Madness

But the team had their work cut out for them given the amount of bodywork that had to be done to the vintage Bronco. “A good friend of mine always wanted to see what I could do if I had the chance to build a Bronco,” Ralph admits. “I love challenges and knew that the RMD Garage team and I would be able to not only deliver, but do it with custom one-off pieces that we designed since I wanted it to be unique.”

Engine shot of Urban Madness

To bring his vision to life, Ralph knew he had to work with the best in the industry and reached out to his partners for parts, accessories and more. “I needed this build to make a statement and to stand out in a sea of other custom builds,” he says. “This one-of-a-kind build, required a diverse and unique approach for the RMD Garage team. Urban Madness being our flagship 4x4 build, created a unique opportunity for us to push the limits, and create something truly amazing. You can see it in every detail from the custom Go Rhino bumpers, and Go Rhino roof rack with LED lights (controlled by sPOD switches), and custom sheet metal safari doors.”

Jo Gomez & rear shot of Urban Madness

RMD Garage’s in-house upholstery team handcrafted every inch of the interior that Ralph designed. The goal was to create a sense of luxury meets urban street, which is seen in the custom military-style webbing center support and the addition of saddlebags for long journeys.

Front shot of Urban Madness grill

RMD Garage’s in-house team of painters headed by Victor and Rafa Ceron - with Eddie Velasquez, spearheaded the body and paint work. The two-tone BASF Glasurit Satin Green and Gray paint finishes, along with the integration of the American flags and custom decals, blends with the current urban theme. The undercarriage was color-matched, showcasing the precision and attention to detail the RMD Garage team strives to achieve on every build.

Image of Jo Gomez inside Urban Madness

The chassis and fabrication work was by Frank Guevara and David Riera, with the original chassis undergoing major modifications from its Skyjacker lift kit to its custom made rear end Bronco housing. CNC machined plates were fitted throughout the entire build and a roll cage was constructed from scratch, which helped bring the Bronco to life. United Pacific LED lights illuminate the environment, and the Wilwood Big Brake Kit were installed for modern stopping power.

Close up engine shot of Urban Madness

All engine work on the small block Ford 302ci V8 was completed by Joe Ellis, Felix Gomez, and Eddie Velasquez. An in-house fabricated Borla exhaust adds power to the 302, while the performance is enhanced with a Borla Throttle Body Induction System, while still maintaining its street drivability.

Close up shot of audio equipment

Sound and electrical were headed by RMD Garage members Samuel Murillo and David Riera, making Urban Madness sound as good as she looks thanks to the new Kicker sound system that’s placed within a handcrafted, industrial metal enclosure. Urban Madness is finished off with 18” TIS wheels, and matched with aggressive 35” Toyo Open Country M/T tires.

Front shot of Urban Madness

“Honestly, I couldn’t be happier about how she turned out, but I’m also biased,” Ralph details. “I love this Bronco; she was my first, and definitely not my last. My team did an amazing job, and you can tell with every little detail, we left no stone unturned, and we just went for it. I didn’t want to go down the safe route with this one. I wanted this build to make a huge statement, and I think she did.”

Jo Gomez standing next to Urban Madness

In fact, Urban Madness has made such a statement, that Bronco lovers from all across the globe have reached out to the RMD Garage directly via their social media channels to declare their love for the build. They’ve also had a couple of Bronco enthusiasts approach them and ask for help to restore their older builds. Now, the Bronco is making its rounds to help promote the new show and will certainly get its fair share of many weekend joy rides with Ralph and his family.


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